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July 31



This morning we didn’t have to pack our stuff as we spent the day around Myvatn. First there was Leirhnjukur with its very recent lava fields dating from a 1984 eruption of Krafla volcano. We were walking among colorful mountains, smoking black lava stones and bubbling earth. Viti crater lake was not as impressive as I hoped it would be, because of the grey weather I suppose.


Grotagja is a warm water cave lake with a rift next to it, pure geology. Just like Viti, Hverfjall was not “at its best” in the cloudy weather, black on grey is not too spectacular nonetheless we climbed to the edge of the crater for a nice look. Again, Dimmuborgir with its black lava stones from 2000 years ago would have been better to visit in sunnier conditions.

We drove around Myvatn counter clockwise, stopped at Höfdi overview the whole lake. It was only 3pm so we decided to drive to Godafoss as well for a final small disappointment because of the grey weather. The waterfall itself is of course majestic but smaller than I imagined.


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