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August 2

Fitjar-Reykjavik-Seltun-Krysuvik-Kék Laguna-Grindavik-Keflavik

track log:

We planned the last day to be a bit more relaxing, a bit more tourist friendly. So we started at 9 in Reykjavik at Hallgrimskirkja, the main church with unusual but impressive styling and minimalistic interior. I liked it anyway. Especially that the square in front of the church was dead empty. Not bad – said the photographer in me. We did the obligatory souvenir purchases on main shopping street Laugavegur, walked to the seaside to check out the Viking boat statue called Sun Voyager and goodbye Reykjavik, capital of Iceland, shockingly deserted in the middle of the summer, high tourist season.

Sun Voyager

Leaving the city behind we drove to Seltun, another geothermal area similar to Namaskard, smaller but equally impressive – and smelly. It felt like we reached the end of the world at the rocks of Krysuvik by the seaside so we got back to civilization by visiting the Blue Lagoon, a natural hot water spa next to a geothermal power plant. As the sun came out the water looked really nice with its light blue color.


Blue Lagoon

The sun kept shining so we made it to Grindavik, the southwestern end of Iceland to see a cool lighthouse and one more geothermal area called Reykjanesviti. We drove back to Kelflavik airport in the evening, dropped off the car, waited for the plane, flew 4 hours, waited, drove 50 minutes, said goodbye to my travel mates, travelled 2 hours by train took the taxi and by 10am the next day I was already at home, dead tired.



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