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July 30


After leaving Egilsstadir and driving for a further 140 or so kilometers and seeing the impressive Herdubreid mountain from the road we arrived to Hrossaborg, this is where F88 road starts towards Askja. Just seeing the road sign and another one saying that the next gas station is 268km away made my heart beat faster. Then in the evening I checked the weather and it said that in Askja it is 2C and raining/snowing…

How far till Askja?

On this day we basically drove along Jokulsa a Fjollum river, up north on the east side and south on the west side. Dettifoss is said to be the most powerful waterfall in Europe and indeed it makes a lot of noise as huge amounts of water drop down almost 50m. You can walk down straight to the side of the waterfall, really nice.

Next we drove into Asbyrgi canyon which has a U shape with rocks of 100m height around. The climate and the lake at the end of the “U” is really unique and so is the flora and fauna. Going south on F862 the weather changed unfortunately to 12C and rain, the beautiful rock formations of Hljodaklettar would have been even more amazing in sunny conditions nonetheless we were making a short hike. It stopped raining just as we got back to the car. Based on what I read I thought this place would be a bit different, less people, no signs showing towards the sights, worse hiking paths.

At Hljodaklettar
Hljodaklettar basalt stones

We once again made a stop at Dettifoss, this time on the west side, with a different view and made a short walk to Selfoss as well. It was 6pm when we got close to Myvatn lake when once again the sun came out, lighting Namaskard geothermal area, making it look really amazing with the colorful hills and smoking ground with dark clouds all around. The smell was however not so nice. Our accommodation was right at Lake Myvatn in a very basic 4 person woodhouse. We “went out” eating, this was the first proper meal for us since a long time.
High tourist season :)


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