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Home again...

Looking back to the trip I think it was all right-ish :) Well actually it was pretty darn good. The weather could have been better for sure. Rain was not the biggest problem but cloudy grey weather especially on day 6. I wished for sunny weather with perfect visibility but clouds in the background, that looks good on photos, but we only had this in Haifoss, Landmannalaugar and Namaskard. I don't want to complain too much as we had near perfect weather at Landmannalaugar and Jokulsarlon, two place which are not even half as good if the weather does not cooperate.

We had busy 8 days, lots of things to see, lots of miles to drive but I didn't go to Iceland for resting my behind. I think we made the best of our time there, I don't feel like I wanna go back straight away. If I do, here's what I wanna see: Askja, Kverkfjoll, Kjolur, Sprengisandur, Thorsmork, Fjallabak sydri route... And here's why it won't happen very soon 1. I don't wanna go and have bad weather, that would be frustrating 2. you need a really good 4wd and some driving experience among such conditions 3. such a car costs a lot and is hard to find 4. there is no comfortable accomodation for lazy people like me. But you never know...

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